Thursday, 3 July 2014

Eughh I'm ill!!! Nooooooo

So Internet of the world... I hate to break this but I have turned ill and I'm officially a troll! So while I am off school I am going to sit back on the Mac and play a little bit of World of Warcraft, yup you can call me a bash do I care;) I just watched my all time favourite childhood film, Wizard of Oz, CLASSIC!!!!!!! I also later on am gonna play abit of the Xbox on Assasins Creed Revelations, OLD STYLE, with my homies, now I sound chavvy, oops. I also play Minecraft that game is for block heads. If your a minecraftian your a block head, see what I did there;) right now I have nobody in the world viewing my profile and I'm sitting here talking to myself! Someone make me feel loved:) hi I'm Demi and this shirt blog ends here.

I want to write a book;)

Demi Louise....x

Starting Off.

So Hi Erm... I am going to start these blog things to share what I do in my spare time and how I progress with my life over time. Eventually I will do Video Blogs when I create a youtube channel which will be a few years yet. I have no vague idea of what these are or how to do on snit I'm sure I can do it with the help of you guys right? So my name is Demi, I'm 13 and I just want to communicate with people. I got inspired to do this by Charles Trippy only the best vlogger, video blogger, of time. If you people in the world see this check out CTFxC on youtube it's an amazing family/community that has negativity and positivity JOIN THE FAMILY INTERNET!!!!!!
Oh and I like pizza btw😍😶😉

Ooooh italic🙌
Soon this blog page will be selfie central👯🙌